We’re Hiring: Project Coordinator and Summer Research Assistant Positions

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Based in the Department of Sociology at York University, the Global Digital Citizenship Lab (GDCL) is a dynamic community of researchers at the cutting edge of social science research analyzing the digital world through a social justice lens. In particular, we are combining cultural analysis with digital and computational methods to study the online manifestations of controversies about some of the world’s most pressing problems (climate change, gender-based online abuse, etc.). We are interested in how laypersons and experts are acting as digital citizens involved in creating, interpreting, and disseminating evidence about these problems, and the debates that stem therefrom.

The GDCL is hiring for two positions: Project Coordinator and Summer Research Assistant. Both represent exciting opportunities for self-motivated and team-oriented persons. Please see the attached job ads for descriptions of the positions and requirements.

GDCL Project Coordinator Job Ad


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