Radio-Canada (19 October 2016)

Banalisons-nous trop les activités à caractère sexuel dans les universités?

À la lumière des controverses entourant des activités à caractère sexuel à l'Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO) et à l'Université d'Ottawa, Marie-Lou St-Onge s'entretient avec le sociologue Fuyuki Kurasawa, de l'Université York.




CBC Radio (23 August 2016)

Ontario Today: Do you need to see it to believe it?
The Toronto Star's lead investigative reporter Kevin Donovan on the infamous Rob Ford crack video, now 2 years later available for all to see. Plus the growing demand for "pics or it didn't happen" with Fuyuki Kurasawa, York University's Chair of Global Digital Citizenship.




CBC News (21 July 2016)

Abuse of Ghostbusters star a PR 'nightmare' that forced Twitter to ban Yiannopoulos, expert says






CBC New (19 July 2016)

Violent news 'more intense' through smartphones and social media, expert says






The Royal Society (2 May 2016)

The promises and perils of epistemic cultures in the digital age: The case of climate change research - Fuyuki Kurasawa, York University







Toronto Star (15 September 2013)

We need to take campus sexual violence seriously (an open letter)